Our waste affects us all

How much waste we produce affects everyone. We live on planet earth and the planet is suffocating with all the waste we produce. One of the worst offenders PLASTIC. There is so much plastic in our environment that the sea creatures are dying from it. Birds eating plastic waste, turtles are trapped in plastic bags and whales die from consuming plastic, last but not least humans are starting to drink plastic. It’s inside our water.  Yes, we drink plastic and we don’t yet have the research to see what will happen after several years of plastic consuming.  ”A leading scientist, citing this work, says we are likely to be breathing microplastics”, Guardian.

Things can change if we all start doing small things to help our planet recover.

People are using their scientific knowledge to find ways to remove plastic from our lives like edible cutlery and plates from barley and other ingredients and plant-based bags that can be eaten. Machines that clean our water and collect plastic and waste are made.

Things are changing, a new light of hope is emerging and people are embracing the idea fast.

There’s an old saying: ‘ Where there’s a will, there’s a way and I truly believe in this.

But we need to start changing our mindset too.

It’s incredible how bulk buying returns too. Zero waste shops where you can take your jars to fill them with goods and shop whatever you like. Support groups emerge in social media and so on.

There was an era when my grandmother will go to the local shop use her own bag and buy beans or flour from sacks and everything was packed in jars, tin cans, and paper. I’m sure she was more ‘eco-friendly’ than we are.

I’ve read that history is repeated. You can see this in music, art, fashion and many other areas. In this case, history is repeated because we need to take the old ways and adjust them to our current lives to save ourselves and the planet.

Feel better and bring change

Attitudes can be changed. Most importantly if you try it you will feel better about it. It’s a very positive cause that will bring so much for all of us.

What do you do to help the environment?