Yarn Wrapped Letters.

I love them.

The possibilities are endless, use your imagination and you destined for


These are some wonderful yarn letters I adore. I started making one for

my daughter’s room.

Here is how I started. I will post the end product very soon.

These are a few ways I discovered while researching

You will need:

  • Yarn

  • Hot glue gun

  • Cardboard Letters or Wooden

  • Flowers to decorate - if you desire (tutorial - how to do flowers will follow)

yarn letters


So here is how I started with my letters, I made these letters from a pizza box (here is a nice tutorial on how to make  letters from a cereal box).

I used the shape of these letters which I bought from Amazon – they had the right shape for my project .

These are not the typical cardboard – wooden letters it is a cheaper alternative however it can be a bit messy and

time consuming. 

You will find a material list at the end of this tutorial.

yarn letters tutorial

So I started by wrapping the ends and bottom parts of

each letter.

Tips: You will need a hot glue gun/or simple glue to ensure the yarn stays on/ start on an edge

Glue your yarn in difficult parts like corners, make sure you wrap tight.

Then I started wrapping and wrapping for a while.....

and VOILA!!!

yarn letters tutorial
yarn letter tutorial
Here is my finished yarn letter, I’ve decorated it with this felt

flower I made earlier and finish it with a cute button.

It is very easy to make this flower,tutorial will follow, however if

you can't be bothered there are plenty of designs at Hobbycraft.

Hope you''ve enjoyed this tutorial , if you need any advice or

have any suggestions please get in touch.

Shopping List:
You can find at any Dunelm shop or Hobbycraft and online at Loveknitting, Ebay, Deramores, Hobycraft and Amazon
Large Papier Mache from Amazon Ebay and Hobbycraft
Wooden Letters I used as a ruler for my hand made letters Amazon
Glue guns:
Amazon , Ebay, Hobbycraft have a large selection of glue guns.

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