Vegetable Beauty Recipes
My favorite veggie masks

My experimentation with natural beauty recipes continues. I love beauty recipes that are safe to eat.

Here are my veggie recipes that work well for me.

For years I’ve been using raw potato under my eyes, especially after a difficult day or before a special event.

However I recently discovered a wonderful recipe that combines the goodness of potato with olive oil and yogurt. 

Potato face mask (tightens skin, anti wrinkle)


1teaspoon of olive oil

1teaspoon of yogurt


potato face recipe

Wash and then boil a potato with the skin. Mash the potato and add mix with the other ingredients and apply for 15-20 minutes. 

Potato will tighten your skin, olive oil moisturizes and yogurt tones the skin. Repeat at least twice a week and you will soon see the results. Make sure the potato is cold before applying.

My favorite mask for radiant skin contains carrot and honey, a simple recipe with extra goodness.

Carrot and honey face mask

1-2 Carrots


carrot face mask

Boil the carrots and mash themAdd honey and mix well. Apply to skin for 10 minutes. Rinse well. This mask will boost your skin radiance.

Note: As with all face masks avoid the sensitive area around your eyes.

Have fun and remember to eat your 5 a day, because real beauty comes from within.


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We hope you enjoyed our recipes, have fun and let us know what you think.