The Happy Creations Motto

It’s been said that crafting, arts, knitting, Diy’s and creative activities, in general, can help people with mental health problems. Creative activities help people feel better since the whole process of making something and seeing the end result brings to the person a sense of accomplishment, something to be proud of. We have been using our hands to make things since the beginning of time so it’s normal to feel in tune with our natural instincts of making. More information about the benefits of crafts in children and adults here:

Positive, social skills, creativity

The whole process can be also being positive for our social skills and creativity. Exchanging ideas, exploring different ways of making as in real life where choices and ways to make things are endless.

Making for someone you love

It’s also a way to express your love by making things for someone you love.

No need to be an artist to make things

For some reason, people feel that creativity is been able to make works of arts, amazing cakes, crocketing etc. Creativity involves many things. It can be in finding a solution to a problem with a new way. Thinking creatively. Creativity is everywhere. We can be creative with a new recipe, a special gift we’ll make or something to decorated the house. The whole process of making makes us feel better and proud of what we achieved, therefore, helps us keep the positive levels up.

When The Happy Creations started I wasn’t any crafting expert, never tried those things before. I even thought that I’m useless with anything arty!! Well after following a few simple tutorials to make things I’ve started to add a bit of myself in my creations, I’ve started thinking new ways to make things, use old materials, upcycle and I realized that I become more creative. I feel happy making things and I use my creativity in my job too. We can all start thinking creatively, the process of making does help unlock our creative thinking.

Our motto: Create and be happy!

#hashtag createandbehappy

Use the hashtag #createandbehappy and tell us what helps you feel better.