Table Seating Cards

Wedding preparations are on and since I’m on holiday at the moment!!!Hooray sun and beaches,summer games,happy times with daughter and family.

My friend is getting married soon so I had an idea for her table seating tags, something to match her Décor Centerpiece.

The Table Seating Tag  I came up with is a small pinwheel dressed with lace and a cute special tag.

In order to make this you will need:

  • Decorative Scissors
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Pinwheels
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Glue
Table seating card

To make the pinwheel follow this Pinwheel  tutorial, just try it with natural lollipop sticks.

table seating cards
Table Seating Cards
Table Seating Cards

To make the name tag just cut a small piece of paper by using decorative scissors.Glue your paper into the back of your pinwheel stick.

Take a small piece of lace and measure to the size of your stick.Glue your lace to your pinwheel stick.

Here's your Table Seating Card Handmade by you

Table Seating Cards
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.
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