Snowman and Penguin paper plates

Fun and easy kids crafts

In Christmas mood today and we are making Snowman and Penguin paper plates.

My daughter chose the colors for our snowman. She didn't want black buttons so we decided to add colorful buttons. 
The penguin technique is so simple, a good friend of mine gave me the idea and I think it's really cute.

Let's start with our funky snowmen.

You will need:

Paper plates
Lollipop Stick
Felt Sheets
Wiggle Eyes

snowman paper plate
It's very simple. Buttons for eyes and smile. For the nose cut some felt or paper in a similar shape. Looks like a small triangle!!

penguin paper plate
snowman paper plate

To make the ear muffs draw 2 felt circles and a long piece of felt (no need for perfection, sorry no measure here).  Glue a lollipop stick at the back of your plate 

To make this cute penguin all you need to do is paint one side of your paper plate and fold it as pictured.Glue your wiggly eyes and cut a cute nose using felt or paper.To make the legs cut a piece of felt as pictured( sorry no template - just make them look like legs).:):)Have fun that's important.

the happy creations

Here's our paper plate creations. Made with lots of love.

Paper Plate Crafts.Snowman and penguin. #paperplatecrafts #kidscrafts

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.  

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