Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs by The Happy Creations

This year I've decided to experiment with my Easter Eggs.

I’ve seen so many posts about the Silk tie technique however I knew about this technique from a great Auntie of mine.

I remember when I was a little girl she always brought her unique Easter eggs to our Easter table.

They used to make them when they didn’t have enough time to dye their eggs with onions, flowers,leafs,cabbage etc( yes you can do that, just check my Easter eggs guide) or to impress( Auntie was a socialista).


So here’s what you need to do:

Find silk ties, I took some old ties from my husband.

You will need:

Old 100% Silk ties
White Eggs (to achieve vibrant colors)
White Vinegar

non-reactive pot (enamel, glass or stainless steel)
Elastic Bands

Cotton fabric

Silk tie Easter eggs

Cut the ties in squares( 5 x 5 inches approximately) and roll up the fabric against the egg( brightest side facing the egg).

Wrap them tightly for the best transfer.

Tie another layer with the cotton fabric.

Place them in the  pan, cover them with water.

Add 1/4cup white Vinegar.

Boil the eggs for 20 minutes and remove from the pan. 

Let them cool and unwrap.

Shopping List:
Ribbon and Moss from Hobbycraft
Use a nice bowl from your kitchen or check some in Amazon like
this Longchamp Footed Candy Dish below.
You can also use an Easter Basket.
I found this one in Amazon.

I've used brown eggs so the result was a bit black and white(although I like it a lot).

So here's our Silk Tie Easter Eggs , hope you like them.

Silk tie Easter eggs

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