How to make pinwheels

I love pinwheels, for me they symbolize summer, freedom and childhood.

I like them so much that I use them at my wedding the children that escort me to the

church (including my daughter) had giant pinwheels in their tiny hands. It was early

September and the scenery was fantastic.

So back to business, how do we make pinwheels?

I researched the internet and apparently there are many ways to make a pinwheel.

This is the way I like to do my pinwheels, I believe it’s easy.

You will need:

  • 6'' x 6'' inches double sided scrapbook paper for a regular size pinwheel.

  • Pins

  • Beads

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Push Pins

  • Glue gun or glue

  • Wooden Dowels or Straws

  • Pencil
Pinwheel paper

The paper i used on this tutorial is from My minds eye,The Sky is the limit, which I bought from Amazon.

How to make pinwheels,vintage style

I began by making an X from corner to corner, I used a
pencil in order to be able to erase it later.

How to make pinwheels,vintage style

Then I made a dot into the center.

I then cut along the lines and stop 1.5cm away from the center.

Stick a pin in the center to make a hole and then stick it through every other point.


Bring every other point into the center

Here is how the pinwheel will look

I then used a push pin to make a hole on my wooden dowel. I do prefer a wooden dowel as it looks very chic.

If you soak the dowel in water for a few minutes it will be easier to push it through.


Use a bead or two to separate your pinheel from the dowel.

Then glue a smaller bead at the end of your pin.

So, there you are, here is your pinwheel, it spins and it's full of love and joy.

Material Shopping List

  • Glue guns
There is a large selection of glue gun on Ebay and for a wide range of glue guns check this site.
  • Pins (plastic headed)
You can find pins at your local Dunelm shop(can't find one on their website at the moment but I bought from their shop several times) Staples or Amazon and Ebay. Make sure you buy large pins (from 0.65mm x 34mm and over).
  •  Push pins
Again push pins can be found at any stationary supplier like WHSmith and Ebay and Amazon
  •  Wooden dowels or Straws
Amazon and Ebay have a wide selection of wooden dowels.
The straws again are from Amazon and Ebay but also this very quite straws at Not on the High Street.
  • Double Sided Paper Pad
The one I've used for this tutorial is called My mind's eye , Find your wings and fly, The Sky is the limit and bought it  from Amazon.This Ebay seller has a wide selection of paper pads to choose, I want to buy them all!!!
And this website has lots of paper pads too SJ paper crafts.

The Happy Creations
For more pinwheels , for weddings and special occasions please check my store.
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