Peter Pan Nursery Decoration Vol 2 

Ideas and suggestions to help you create


Ok I’m a super fan of Peter Pan. The whole story of remaining a child forever fascinates me. Pirates, fairies, flying wonderful concepts. Ideal for a nursery.

I have collected so many ideas for Peter Pan Nursery – Room that I want to share with you my new findings.

I love lanterns they create a wonderful calming atmosphere in the room, this one looks so nice I’m tempted to have one for myself.


Wall stickers are a great way to decorate the room and create the look you want. Just make sure you are not overdoing it, remember you want to create a calming environment for your little one.

I couldn't resist to this beautiful Industrial Eames Style Chair on Cross Legs from Wheresaintsgo.

I’m in love with this pirate ship bed, it is a bit pricey however it gives an extra Pirate touch on the Peter Pan Theme.

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Desk, In Oak, Home Office Desk, Writing Desk, Industrial desk, Computer Desk, Handmade by CordIndustries. A wonderful, strong desk that will stay with you for many years.

I really love the industrial essence of this desk and the sharp lines.I think these lamps will go well with this desk.

I think I love this one too, although it is listed as a boyfriend gift why not for a girl too? I like it for my office.

Isn’t it cute, I LOVE IT?

It’s official, I’m in love with Edis Lamps, beautiful designs, a retro feeling with a custom made option. Great themes, wonderful idea that will give your office an extra love factor.

Remember an office is the place ‘the magic ‘happens so you need to make it a place you like and want to be. Which one is your favourite? 

This wooden desk organiser looks stunning, simple but beautiful handmade by Myflowermeadow.

Complete Cloud Storage Set of desktop organizers: nesting boxes, desk caddy post-it note holder and pen holder made from Baltic Birch, by OhDierLiving  

I think you agree that this desktop organizer looks so nice.I know clouds!! My office is becoming a Happy Creators office:)

Since I'm organising myself I will need a desk calendar. Beautiful creationby DidgibuddhaPaperie                     

Minnie and Mickey Nerd Tsum Tsum Paperclips by BeachLifePlanning

Sometimes little things add an extra 'woh' factor to your space or just make your day better. I don’t have much paper around my office, but these two paper clips will work great with my Notebook.

At last but not least these beautiful smartphone stand holds look amazing. I think I like the elephants more. Which one you like?

This elephant stand holds all smartphones, including the iPhone 6s Plus and the Galaxy Note Series.Made by VinceSFStore

Hope you liked my ideas, although I haven't decided which desk to choose yet at least now I have a plan:)

Have a wonderful day, create and be happy.


The Happy Creations