Owl Nursery Decoration
Owls. We all love them,they are so cute with their unique face and eyes .

So you are thinking of having an owl themed nursery? We tried to do all the research for you and find the most beautiful ideas.

Here’s a full owl themed nursery guide.Anything you need to achieve  the ‘ owl magic’.

Wall Stickers:

There are so many wonderful designs available to help you achieve a stylish owl theme at your nursery.

It's so difficult to choose they all look amazing.


For the walls choose a color that will go well with the rest of your items,neutral colours always work best.

However you might want to consider color psychology before choosing the color.

For example colors like green, lavender, blue and pink have a calming effect and promote relaxation. Further information here.

So this is important for a nursery since you want your baby to have a good night's sleep.

Avoid yellow since it makes babies cry according to the American Psychological Association.

Another wonderful nursery from Chiccheapnursery.com


Again it was so hard to choose, these are our favourite.

Add a few forest friends to complete your theme like squirrels, you don’t want your owls to be alone.

We love this lamp shade and it is handmade.

Finishing touches:

Baby Owl Series Baby's First Moments Multi Photo Frame, Hooty Brown Heatable, Owl Owl Children's multi coloured LED Night Light and Owl Bookends all from Amazon.

Decorating your nursery in preparation for your baby is an exciting time. Use your imagination and enjoy the process,

We hope you enjoyed our Owl Nursery guide, we'll be back with more owls!!!
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 Love this nursery ,for more pictures check ontobay.com

Adorable mobile from Etsy

Another cute handmade lamp found on Etsy.