Nursery Decoration - A small guide

So you had the big news, you shared them with your other half , the whole family knows and now it is time to prepare,

bottles, diapers, clothes , cot bed, moses basket, changing units but most importantly you need to prepare the nursery.

A girl or a boy? Blue, pink, green, orange, cream so many options out there.

And what about the decoration? Such an amazing time, so much worry, is it going to be nice enough for my little prince or


Well here is how I’ve organised my own thoughts and how I made my daughters nursery(full information will follow).

Firstly it is important to see if you are going to have a theme.

For example here is a nursery with a Peter Pan theme ( Check our Peter Pan nursery article here)

Nursery Decorations guide

An Alice in Wonderland theme

Forest friends? Jungle?

or maybe a pirate theme?

Well the possibilities are endless.

Nursery Decorations guide

 Found this at Amazon

Nursery Decorations guide

Secondly the colours. It is important to choose the colour theme and stick into it, this will help you choose

the complimentary items such as bedding, curtains etc.

Here are a few colour themes I really like:

Nursery Decorations guide
Nursery Decorations guide
Nursery Decorations guide

Functionality  and Budget, You will need somewhere to feed your little one these late nights,

moreover you will have to leave room for baby toys, believe me as they grow older their toys are multiplied!!!!

You'll need to plan ahead and have a specific budget to spend ,you can’t imagine how easy you can get

excited and buy more stuff, especially if you are a first time mom (I know

It is important to consider things like : Will I be able to change things while my little one grows?

Or if you are renting a property, will I be here for a while?  Do I want to pay  a lot for curtains and

then this size won’t fit my new house?

These things are important since when having a baby you need to pay extra attention
to your finances.

So this is my small guide to preparing your nursery.

Good luck and please do send comments and suggestions.

Examples of products to help you create the desired effect :

SHIPS WHEEL from Amazon

This one from Etsy

This one from Melody Maison

 I found this at Kiddycare

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