Peter Pan one of our favorite fairy tale character, Neverland a place for the youngs, a magic nursery idea with Peter

Pan, fairies and adventures.

Here's some ideas to inspire you.

You will need:

Wall Stickers:

A fantastic way to create the Peter Pan nursery theme is to play with the colour contrast. Love it!


Simple ideas with lots of imagination.

Minimal colour scheme:
peter pan nursery decoration

Found it on Pinterest

Big Ben ,a black cot ,yellow stars, a green aligator,

a colour scheme for the dreamers who dare.

Found this wonderful night light on Etsy
Finishing touches:

And some extra bits and bobs to complete the Peter Pan theme, like a nice treasure chest box ,very useful for

tidying up toys later on.

Peter pan nursery
Found this at Wood thats good
I found this in Amazon

I love this pirate ship, a bit expensive but he can play when he gets older.

And a wonderful wall clock with Peter Pan

Peter Pan nursery

And this mobile, it's fantastic.

This inspired me to try to find a way how to

make one, its so nice and there are not many

available out

Please do send ideas.

Found this on Etsy

So this is my Peter Pan Nursery inspiration.

Use lots of imagination and let your inner child out. Time to flight to Neverland!!!

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