Natural Face Moisturizer
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Face Treatment – Levander and Rosehip Oil

Have you ever tried to use olive oil in your face?

I know it’s delicious in the salad but have you ever tried to apply it in your face?

Well I did. I started using Extra Virgin Olive oil as a body moisturizer with a hint of lavender essential oil and I’m very satisfied with the result.

So one day I decided to try it in my face. I did my research and read many interesting articles about the benefits of olive oil. I was a bit cautious since I didn’t want to have any issues with acme.

However that’s not the case. I realized that many face creams have olive oil in their ingredients so I decided to give it a go.

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After only 2 weeks of using olive oil on my skin the results were obvious, people were commenting that my face was glowing and I look so refreshed ( note – at that time life was hard and I was really tired). 

I’m also using olive oil as a makeup cleanser, it’s great with mascara. I rinse it my warm water and then my skin feels so soft.

So now olive oil is part of my daily routine. I’ve started using rosehip oil as well and it works well too, I’ve read that it is good for marks and wrinkles. 

I’m planning to try grape seed oil since I’ve read it tightens the skin.

I’m now saving on my beauty regime, I feel good since I know what I’m using moreover I have nice healthy and soft skin. 

What do you think?

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