Mother's Day Gift Tutorial
Mother's Day Gift Tutorial


Mother's day handmade gift
Mother’s Day Quick and Affordable gift made with love for mommy
Sometimes it is nice to make your gifts since crafted things contain extra love and loveliness

and mommies do appreciate them.

So here is my suggestion for mother’s day, you can add some flowers if you like or just leave it

as it is.

First you need to follow the instructions on this tutorial ‘How to make pinwheels’.

Then just use a pencil or a black pen and write down your message of love for your mommy.

Then add a ribbon with a color of your choice, there are plenty at Hobbycraft, affordable too.

Mother's day gift tutorial

To make it extra special take some paint (I use acrylic paint because there

is a large color variety available but you can’t fill them with water) and

pour some in an old bottle of wine or beer or in any bottle you prefer.

Move the bottle around so that the paint covers each corner of the bottle.

And voila.

Mother's day handmade gift

Mum loves blue and pink so we made one more with this wonderful old liqueur bottle.

Mother's gift diy tutorial

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial please send images of your own creations and get in touch.

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