Milk Carton DollHouse

I love handmade toys, they contain love, creativity and imagination.

My daughter was playing with these toys when I noticed that she was playing with her shoes box pretending it was a house.

It inspired me to make her a few dollhouses.I decided to experiment, one of them is made with acrylic paint and the other by gluing coloured paper on the Milk Carton.

Here’s what you need to do:

Wash very well your carton.

In order to be able to paint the surface of the carton you need to paint it with white Gesso paint ( tip from a painter ).They also sell Gesso in various colours.

You will need:

  • Milk Cartons

  • Coloured Paper

  • Glue

  • Washi Tape

  • White Gesso

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paper cutter

milk carton house
milk carton house
milk carton house
milk carton house

Paint your paper carton.

In order to make the windows / doors you need to cello tape the areas where you want them and then apply the Gesso.

After you apply the Gesso 1-3 coats you’ll be able to paint your carton with the color of your choice.

Yellow Paper Carton

This is a bit easier, just cut your paper to the size of your carton and glue it on your carton(I did the same thing with the box below).

I painted the upper space of the carton white.

milk carton house
milk carton house

Use a paper cutter to make a door for your house, decorate with washi tape.

Use scrapbook paper to decorate( I made a heart and some circles).

To make the upper floor fill the space with paper and glue a coloured piece of paper over.

milk carton house
milk carton house

Finally use a hot glue gun to glue all the houses together.

My daughter loved it and she’s been playing with it all day, she has a Doll's house however now she prefers this and she keeps on saying mommy mommy (meaning mommy did this) which makes me extra proud!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun and stay in touch.


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