Lollipop Stick Puppets

I love making things with my daughter, although she is too young to hold scissors and glue properly( it’s a bit messy)however she enjoys making crafts with mommy.

A fun and creative activity to make with your little one.

You will need:

Lollipop Sticks

Tissue paper


Wiggle Eyes with Eyelashes


Sequins from Amazon
Lollipop Stick Funny Puppets

Cut your tissue paper as per image,(the messier the better). You can use any type of paper you like (even toilet paper).

Lollipop Stick Funny Puppets

Put some glue on your lollipop stick and wrap around your paper.

Lollipop Stick Funny Puppets
Take your wiggle eyes and glue them on your lollipop stick.
I usually put the glue (white) on and let my daughter place the objects where the glue is.
Lollipop stick puppets

Use sequins to make the nose and the mouth. You can use them to make the eyes too if you don’t have any wiggle eyes at home. 

What's more important is to have a fun time with the children.

They are so easy to make and they look so funny, my daughter giggles every time she plays with them.

Lollipop Stick Funny Puppets
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.
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