Kids Easter Egg Decoration

Making fun-tastic eggs with the kids

A wonderful way to involve kids into Easter preparations is by making some kids funtastic eggs.

For this creation we used plastic eggs from sweets with mini surprises we collected.

By using glue, felt and wiggly eyes. 2 pounds total if you buying for the first time, nothing for us since we have a small stock of craft supplies (yeah we like crafts here).

Kids Easter egg decoration

The making of the cape, as you can see we just cut a few shapes.I know it's messy but it does look like a cape when Mr Egg wears it:)

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Our Materials
Eggs -plastic
Wiggle eyes

So time to play, have imagination? I know you have, cut different shapes, like triangle for hat, stripes for the mask, wavy for the moustaches.

My daughter decided how to decorate these eggs. Buttons for a nose or felt? Red lips for the girls , hats etc. She really enjoyed the process and she even took the pictures with mum’s help.

These little fellows decorate her room for Easter. Super fun and funny:)

Have fun and have a Happy Easter.

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