How to make a keyring with bakers twine

A few day ago I was wrapping a gift and I decorated it with some bakers twine . So this gave me an idea to use it for my next tutorial.

I decided to make an easy key ring with bakers twine.

You can use any type or colour of twine. I used 3 different colors.

Follow the steps as shown in the pictures below.

You will need:



Metal Split Ring

Key ring tutorial
key ring tutorial

Tie your twines to a metal split ring.

Keyring tutorial
Start wrapping the twines around your finger a few times(as pictured)

key ring tutorial
Now tie a knot close to your split ring (as pictured)

key ring tutorial
Use scissors to cut your twine (as pictured)


Voila our Twine Keyring. Easy and fun to make. Great as a gift. Have fun!! 

Twine keyring

e hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.
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