Handmade Lavender Sugar Scrub 

How to make a wonderful sugar scrub with simple ingredients that will make you feel good and smell good.

Mix the sugar with the Oil, stir well and add the food coloring and the lavender. 

Mix well until the sugar is even. 


You will need:

5-8 drops of Lavender essential oil

1/4 Almond Oil or Olive Oil or Coconut oil or as needed

1 cup of Sugar (you can use white sugar or 1/2 a cup white and 1/2 raw sugar

Purple food colouring or red and blue

sugar scrub

Put the sugar scrub in the jar and now decoration time.

Cut some nice paper with a decorative scissors write your label and glue it on the jar. Take some bakers twine and wrap twice around the bottle.

I've made some paper bags using envelopes check how to make some here and decorated them with the twine and some scrapbook paper. 

Hope you like it!! I use it in the shower. Makes the skin super soft. 

Have fun and enjoy! 

It's a nice homemade body treat-ment:)  


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think. 

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