Felt Flower hair clip tutorial

After seeing so many wonderful diy’s online about making felt flowers  I knew I wanted to make some for my daughter.

I tried to figure out how they are made and I wanted a no-sew method.

I’ve seen this design in a magazine and I really liked it, however, I couldn’t find anything similar so I made my own version.

You will need
  • Felt  ( 2 different colors one lighter)
  • Glue gun
  • Button
  • Scissors

So here’s what you need to do:

Cut 5 circles (use a tea candle to make the circle) sorry I didn’t measure it.

Cut 5 more circles a bit smaller (lighter color).

Place the smaller circle over the bigger circle and glue them together, repeat this step for the remaining circles.

Now fold them in half and glue the bottom of the petal, repeat for the remaining petals.

Start gluing the petals together in a circle. Finish with a beautiful decorative button.

Close the hair clip and outline it on your felt sheet, leave some space.  Cut two pieces of felt and glue each piece to your hair clip.

Glue the flower to your hair clip and here’s your homemade flower hair clip!!

Our hairpin is ready. She loved it. It feels great to make a gift for someone you love. And it looks very cute!

You can use your flowers to decorate something at home roo.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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Buttons Amazon

Glue gun and glue Amazon

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