Fairy House – Fairies Series The Beginning

Do you believe in fairies? We do, we do!! Make a beautiful fairy house by upcycling a plastic milk bottle.

When my daughter asked for a fairy house I said yes, however, I  couldn’t imagine how many things she will ask for.

It started with a simple house and then she asked for a door, stones, flowers, deck and chairs.Lucky fairies!!

Here’s how we started our upcycling project:

We took an empty cleaned plastic milk bottle, removed just the lid area with a large pair of scissors.

We then cut a small door at the front of our bottle.

You will need:
Plastic Milk Bottle
Hot Glue Gun
Cardboard Paper
Lollipop Sticks
Wooden Sticks
Cute Buttons
Scrapbook Paper or any nice paper
Acrylic Paint
Spray coating
Then we cut a piece of cardboard paper to the shape of our roof and glued over our lollipop sticks.Shape the paper with your hands.
I decided to play with this fabric over my bottle before adding the cardboard paper(I don’t know why but you don’t need to do this).

Then we painted our bottle blue with acrylic paint.

So after this, we decided to add the wooden sticks(collected from a Greek beach on our summer holidays)to decorate the roof and the door.

It was time to decorate our fairy house with some cute little buttons, scrapbook paper and gift tags. Creative right?

We finished with some spray coating to make sure rain doesn’t ruin our fairy house.

Here’s our plastic bottle fairy house. Made with love and magic.

Next tutorial from the Fairies Series: Making a deck and painting stones for the fairy garden.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think