Do you like to use things you have at home in a different way? Sometimes you have to be creative.

I enjoy making things on my own.

The whole process is great from start to finish. But sometimes the emergency situation requires emergency solutions.

Like needing a gift bag asap.

Here’s how to make beautiful gift bags in minutes by using an envelope.

You will need:






Find an envelope of any size and seal it.

Cut off one end of the envelope.Fold one side in toward the centre. Do the same with the other side, then fold the bottom up by the same amount, making creases in the paper. Put the bag over in one hand, push the bottom centre crease down, this will make the flat bottom and cause the sides to buckle out.

Crease and glue the two corners to the bottom of the bag. Finally, decorate and voila your handmade gift bags.


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.