Eat Clean Matcha Mint Green Tea

With strawberries,blueberries,vanilla extract,honey and a bit of basil to decorate.

I never knew the true benefits of Match green tea until I've read an article online.It Cleanses your skin, increases your energy and improves your digestion . Amazing. A competition was held by the company so I said why not take part and have a taste of this amazing tea.

I like smoothies and goodness drinks.

I decided to drink my Matcha mint green tea with strawberries and berries a bit cold.

After I prepared the tea, 2 scoops for a mug I let it cool off.On a blender I've added all the ingredients together with some ice and made this lovely drink. It satisfies my sweet tooth and make me feel good.

I enjoy my Eat Clean Matcha Mint Green Tea outside in the garden. 

A fabulous feel good summer drink.#SummerOfMatcha 

Next time I'll try the plain one to be more flexible in experimenting more.

You will need:

- 30 grams of ceremonial grade matcha & spearmint powder( for a mug)
- 7 strawberries
- 5-6 blueberries

- A bit of vanilla extract

- Some honey

- Ice if you like it extra cold

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