Easy Christmas Wreath
Upcycle your old ornament balls with this easy DIY
We all love to decorate our home for Christmas. I've seen so many Christmas ball wreaths and I had an idea.Remember my Spring Wreath? I've used a hanger to make it so I thought why not make something similar for Christmas. 
Instead of throwing away my old Christmas decorations I decided to upcycle them.

This is so easy to make. So let's start making our Christmas Wreath.

You will need:

Wire Hanger
Christmas ball ornaments
Christmas Garland 

Easy Christmas Wreath

Pick up a wire hanger and shape  a circle. I didn't use a wire cutter. Everything was made by hand.Start sliding your balls into the hanger. 

I didn't have enough balls to fill the whole wire hanger so I decided to use some garland to cover the gaps.

Here's the result.

I really hope you like it. Have fun and remember upcycling is great.

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Easy Christmas Wreath #Upcycle your old #ChristmasDecorations to make a wreath. Use wire hanger&ornament balls.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.  
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