How to make Bracelets in minutes.

Today we are making bracelets.

Two super easy bracelets to make with basic materials.

diy bracelet
diy bracelet
the happy creations

1. Ribbon and beads bracelet

Make a bracelet with old beads from your drawer.

An old bracelet, some ribbon and that's it.

Easy. No wires, no special tools!!!

Materials: Beads and Ribbon

Satin Ribbon from Amazon

diy bracelet
diy bracelet

Make a knot or a double knot ( depending on the size of your beads) and place your first bead then add the others,make a knot or a double knot.

Now make a nice bow and there you are your new chic bracelet.

2.Paper clips and buttons bracelet

Another easy and fun way to make a beautiful bracelet with simple materials.


Paper clips

Hot glue or glue

Buttons large and flower buttons


Split rings

Flower Buttons from Amazon
Clasps from Hobbycraft
Hemline Polka Dot Button from Amazon
Hot glue gun from Hobbycraft

Start making a chain with your paper clips. You can add split rings between each paper clip. I didn’t use any split rings on my bracelet since I didn’t have any at home. This will help your bracelet hold them well (I had to push a lot mine to put them into place).

paper clip bracelet

paper clip bracelet
paper clip bracelet

Next step:

Add your large buttons one in each paperclip and hot glue them.

I used a different color in each paperclip to create a nice contrast.

Now glue your small buttons over the big ones.


Now add your clasp (I used one from an old necklace – I don’t throw away anything) and there you are your easy paper clips bracelet in minutes!!

e hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what do you think.
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