Easter Decoration

Easter Decoration

Easter is coming, chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, treasure hunting, spring time, what an amazing


Time to decorate the house for the season, the Easter dinner table and prepare special treats for

the occasion.

Here are some of my favorite Easter decorations and a small guide on how to become a Happy

Easter Creator.

Easter baskets - Chocolate eggs

A wonderful way to decorate your house and treat your guests.

Easter Eggs, we all love chocolate, here is how you can decorate

them very easy.

Buy some grass decoration kit.

Put it inside a basket or a ceramic bowl.

You can buy speckled eggs from Amazon, Ebay, or you can

make some by following these instructions on this tutorial.


Easter decoration
Easter decoration/baskets
Shopping List
Easter Baskets :
You can find a large selection at Amazon and Ebay
Hobbycraft,Amazon and Ebay have a very large selection
Chocolate Easter Eggs:
Amazon, Ebay or simply buy some Cadbury Easter Eggs
(although it might be expensive if you want to make a large basket ).

Easter goody bags

A simple and easy way to make goody bags,

Just buy some brown paper bags and some burlap twine, add some nice easter tags and now

you have an easy and very chic goody bag.

paper bags,favors
Found this one on Etsy

I really like this simple idea that looks very chic and easy to do,

just use your imagination.

You can also decorate them with stickers or a nice ribbon.

goody bags
A nice tutorial from Country Living

Shopping List:
Brown Paper Bags:
You can find a large selection at Amazon and Ebay.
Easter Tags: 
Hobbycraft, Ebay, Amazon and Etsy.
Burlap twine or a twine of your choice
Goody bags from Hobbycraft
Easter Decoration

So this is my Easter decoration guide, hope you like it, I will try to dye some Easter eggs this week.

This year I decided to experiment a little bit, I'll post the results soon.

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