Easter Table Centerpieces

Cupcake Table Centerpiece

I love this easy and fun idea to create a wonderful centerpiece for your dinner table.

You can simply buy cupcakes, buy some wonderful straws choose the colour you prefer,

I’ll go for a light pink. Buy some nice Easter topers and voila.

Shopping List:
  • Easter topers
  • Cupcakes
  • Straws or Sticks

Easter Table Centerpiece

Image from HGTV

Oreo Easter egg pops and Easter bunny:

Easter Table Centerpiece

Simply follow this wonderful guide from Ninerbakes

Easter Table Centerpiece

Full instructions in Bakerella


Bake Me I'm Yours..Cake Pops: Over 30 Designs for Fun Sweet Treats by Carolyn White.

For unique and creative ideas look into this best seller book with very unique and creative


Cake Pops Kit
by Bakerella

If you are looking for an easy way to be creative then this cake pops kit might be the right

solution for you.

With step by step instructions.

Manzanita tree or Tree branches centerpiece

Image from Crafty Sisters

Another wonderful Idea,

You can make it with a decorative tree or with some branches.

I have a Manzanita tree (plastic) in my living room( from my wedding, I used it as a wishing tree) and I decorate it according to the season (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Summer).

So heres how I did mine.

I bought decorations like Easter bunnies, easter eggs and some moss and I transformed my  Manzanita Tree into an Easter Tree centerpiece.

Here are some images for inspiration.

easter table tutorial

Image from Hobbycraft


Shopping List 
Easter Decorations                                     
Amazon have some really nice Easter eggs like this one on the right, you can also check Hobbycraft and Ebay. for some wonderful Gisela Graham Easter Eggs.
Manzanita Trees
Look at Amazon for this Gisela Graham Pastel Easter Egg Twig Tree In Pot Decoration Ornament , or these adorable decorations on your right Ebay for this unique Manzanita Tree  and Hobbycraft check also Easy Florist Supplies they have nice offers.
Easter Table Centerpiece
Image from Holidays Central

Easter eggs in a vase

Another simple idea is the Eggvase.Simply add some eggs ,various colors with the flowers of your choice and voila.

Very creative idea.

Shopping List:
These wonderful Easter eggs from Amazon will do the trick
I love these flower from Hobbycraft they are supposed to be for wedding but they are so nice, the price is good too.

So this is my Easter Table Decoration guide, hope you've enjoyed it and if you have ideas and

suggestions please get in touch.

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