DIY Wind Chime

Decorate your garden with this super easy DIY

Lately I’ve been decorating my garden, summer is here and I love it.

I can spend hours outside, from breakfast to dinner my garden is my thing.

Here’s a super easy way to decorate your garden with simple materials like wood sticks and coloured twine.

You will need

Wood sticks

Coloured twine

Paint (if you like)

diy wood chime


Take a larger piece of wood and use it as your base.

Tie some twine around your base to make your wind chime holder.

Now take smaller pieces of wood and tie them around your wood as pictured.

It’s so simple.

the happy creations
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In the end I decided to add a hint of colour at the end of my wooden sticks. My daughter loves it.

So here’s our handmade Wind Chime.

Have a great Summer and make some wonderful memories.

DIY Win Chime

I hope you enjoyed this tutotorial. Have fun! Create and be happy:)