DIY Painted Terracotta Pots
Bring some color to grey winter days

Bring some color in your life with this simple DIY. 
Some days can be dull however small things make a change in our lives.
You don't need special skills to do it, just buy some color and create.
You will need:

Terracotta pots (I used plastic)
 Paints 3 different colors
Small Stones
Paint brush
terracotta pots
diy terracotta pots

Now pick up your terracotta pot, select the colors you want to paint them and start creating. 

Grab a few small stones and paint them to match your chosen colors.

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Here's how it looks, I l hope you like it. 

Even when the sun is not shining you can have a hint of color to bright up your days and home.

DIY Painted Terracotta Pots
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.