A wonderful way to express your love 

Make decorative signs as a housewarming gift, a nursery gift or more.

A few months ago we welcomed a new member of our family, my nephew. All the family was so thrilled for the new arrival. It was something really positive after the death of our father and very symbolic too. In order to welcome the little one, I’ve prepared a small parcel with some clothes and toys. However, since I love to add an extra touch when I give gifts I decided to prepare something for this little man’s room. I’ve also wanted to send something extra for mommy and daddy and the big brother.

So here’s what I did:

I had this wonderful paper from a magazine, I think it had a cartoon hero on the other side. So I took this as my base and I glued some scrapbook paper around it and cut to fit the shape.

Then I took some more scrapbook paper and marked the initial of my nephew’s name.

I used wooden letters I have at home since I’m teaching my toddler the alphabet. You can use a ruler to design your own letter or make some with Word and print them.

Then I cut the letter and glue it. I then chose a ribbon to match the colors and voila!!

Make a Door Hanger. A great handmade gift.

For the rest of the Door Hangers I’ve glued 2 pages of 6’x6′ scrapbook paper together, that’s why it’s double sided and I’ve cut around with my special decorative scissors to give an extra wow factor. You can glue your scrapbook pages on a page of extra thick paper however it will be hard to use your decorative scissors if the paper is too thick.

 You will need:

Scrapbook paper


Decorative Scissors

Glue (I always use my glue gun)


Ruler (to create your letter)

Wooden letter

You can find a large selection of scrapbook papers at Amazon too has amazing offers on scrapbook papers, I love Papermania. There are so many designs to choose.And one album can last for a long time since there are plenty of pages inside.

 It is great to make things for your loved ones. And it’s even greater when they enjoy and appreciate it too.

What do you think? I really hope you enjoyed this project. Have fun and create!