Cupcake case and balloon craft- aka The Funny Faces

Kids Craft

Another rainy afternoon and my daughter needed something to get out of her boredom.
Balloons are fun and children love all th colours.

I checked my kitchen drawers for inspiration and here's what  we made.

You will need:
  • Balloons any color you like
  • Paint any color you like
  • Cupcake cases any
  • Glue (we used PVA  white glue)
  • Paint Brush
  • Marker
Cupcake cases happy faces
Cupcake case and balloon craft- aka The Funny Faces

Blow up your Balloon and tie it. Decide where you want to put your hair how high or low.

Start gluing the cupcake cases one next to the other by creating a line of about 6 cupcake cases – depending on the size (mini-regular size).

I usually put the glue on the balloon and my daughter knows where to place the cupcake case.

We made 2 lines of approximately 12 cupcake cases.

Now use your marker to draw they eyes (draw one large dot for each eye), and one more dot for the nose and the mouth (draw a big line / smile).

Prepare your paint and soak your brush.

The Happy Creations
Cupcake case and balloon craft- aka The Funny Faces
Children can now draw with their brush over your dots  - you can guide their hand.Let it seat over a small vase for a few moments to make sure the glue is dry.
And voila your happy faces little craft.

Funny Face with Cupcake cases&Balloons #kidscraft

When my  daughter took the balloon in her hands and said: ‘ Hello,how are you and giggled’ .

She really enjoyed this activity and she even asked me to create a family of balloons.

Funny Face with Cupcake cases&Balloons #kidscraft

I believe that this activity is a good coordination exercise but also a fun time for the children since they can see the result and most importantly they made this!!

e hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.
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