Easy Christmas Garland and many more........
Create a super easy Christmas Garland in a minutes.
You know how I love to simple and easy to make crafts. This lovely garland is super easy to make and you can upcycle your old decorations.

Grab the materials and let's start making.

In order to make these bows you will need some ribbon and your glue gun( or glue).
Cut a small piece of ribbon and fold it in the middle. Glue the ends together to make a small circle. Now cut a smaller piece of ribbon and place it in the middle over your ribbon (wrap it), put some glue to secure it and voila a pretty bow.

You will need:

Old ornament garlands
White paper dollies
thehappy creations

Glue your beautiful bows on your paper doilies .Cut small pieces of last year's ornament garland and glue in between your doilies, as pictured.

Easy Christmas Garland

Take your paper doilies and fold it as pictured. Glue it with your string and repeat.

Remember to leave a small gap between your paper doilies.

Follow The Happy Creations 
Here's the result. This can be a Valentine's Day Garland or more. Just decorate it accordingly and have fun.

Christmas Garland and more
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and let us know what you think.