We receive endless information, sometimes useful sometimes useless but the result is that we are continuously engaged in something. Our phone for example. When we have some spare time to relax and enjoy the moment instead we look for our phone and scroll information after information. Our brain is full of things to process and needs a moment of peace.
Take a moment to declater yourself from all the endless information your brain is receiving and breath.
Look at the sky,smell a flower and abrsorbe its essence or simply breath and be aware that you are now breathing. Its a simple way to be in a moment without thinking and just be.
I’ve started using Headspace(app),its a good reminder in my every day life to step away from my thoughts be the observer and just be.
We are surrounded by people ,thoughts are happening continuously, we need time away from things to be with ourselves in the moment.
Easy to say but do we actually do it? Everyday ?
I’ve started a challenge , I will try a few times throughout my day to be in the moment. A deep breath and be present in the moment even if it’s just for a few seconds.