Social Media is very important in promoting your brand, business, blog.

Even small local business can benefit from social media like create a relationship with their current or potential customers and increase their presence.  I’ve recently started working on a consulting basis with small businesses.

What I always discuss with my clients is how important it is to have a connection with your followers/ customers, engagement.

And the question I always get is how? how do we achieve this?

In social media, engagement is crucial. Social Media Marketing is the tool to create a connection, a relationship, so be careful, don’t post only about your business. Find useful information relevant to your customers, product, brand, and post often.

For example, if you are a local cafe owner besides posting your special offers, information about your cafe, talk about your community. Give a tip about what makes a great cup of coffee.

Networking too.

Share content from other local business, write something positive about their business and be certain the power of love can work wonders.

Consistency is important too.

Post daily. But what to post? It can be difficult and sometimes time-consuming to find what to post about.

Here is, my 31 days guide on Social Media Content Planning.

Again try to be consistent and post content often. Try to connect with your customer – reader and engage more.

Be current: Don’t forget to post about National Holidays, Occasions and of course the weather.

Please leave a comment below and tell us what is the most difficult aspect of promoting your business?

Have fun and enjoy the process. No one was born an expert, we are here to learn from each other and connect.